Section 7
Setting of BeerRender are available in the main menu (see figure 3.2) when choosing the option <Configuration>. Figure 7.1 shows the screen of the configuration menu
The parameter "Temperature Sensors" indentifies temperature sensors installed on cooking and Mash Tuns. This procedure is carried out by our specialists when BeerRender is configured for the first time or if a temperature sensor fails. The user should not change this parameter as identifiers of sensors may be lost.

The parameter "Fluid Sensors" implies a fine configuration of fluid sensors installed on the cabling lines of BeerRender.

The parameter "Process Configuration" implies a configuration of the process parameters that are not connected to any recipe and are common for different processes of BeerRender.
If choosing this option the display shown in figure 7.2 appears
Flush volume: this option provides a partial wort drain after the cooling process, if it is non-zero (for instance, not to let dead remains enter the FERMENTER from the outlet line). The following wort outlet will continue after pressing <OK> in the dialog box.

Wort boiling temperature: this option allows to change power when wort boils in dependence of the geographical location of BeerRender. It is selected according to the temperature sensor installed on the boiling tank by specialists when 10-15 liters of water start boiling in the boiling container.

Boiling power: this option lets control bowling power to which BeerRender switches when it reaches the wort boiling temperature (described earlier).
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