Automatic Self-Cleaning
Section 6
Automatic self-cleaning of BeerRender (hereinafter cleaning) is available in the main menu (see figure 3.2) if choosing the option <Cleaning>. Figure 6.1 shows the screen of BeerRender in the cleaning process.
Staged cleaning is recommended. In the first stage the system removes hard albuminous deposits formed during the boiling process with acid cleaning agents that don't produce foam. The second stage implies disinfection. Before cleaning remove hop containers, malt bags, a grate and a strainer from the Mash Tun.

For more effective cleaning process it is necessary to consider a possibility to quickly connect cold and hot water lines to the BeerRender water line. For the first stage of cleaning it is recommended to connect the hot water line to BeerRender, treat the walls of tanks (especially top panels and the bottom) with an acid cleaning agent and start the cleaning process after 2-3 minutes. During the process containers of BeerRender will be filled with water by 98 %, there will be the circulation between tanks and in closed circuits of tanks, chiller's lines and hop containers will be washed. Finishing the cleaning process fluid will be automatically drained from tanks. Before the disinfection stage it is necessary to remove remaining dirt from the BeerRender cover with a sponge. Use cold water. In this stage add disinfecting agents to cooking and Mash Tuns in accordance with the agent instruction and in dependence of volumes of BeerRender (see the Section 2 "Technical Characteristics").
Emergency Stop
For emergency stop of the cleaning process and manual fluid drain from BeerRender containers press <STOP> in the bottom right corner.
All Fluid Drain
After pressing <STOP> the drain button will appear to the left
After cleaning BeerRender will be ready for brewing.
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