Before Commissioning
Section 3
BeerRender is installed on a firm horizontal foundation. After installing the device adjust the levelness with a perimeter and regulating legs. The installation site must me close to cold water and sewage connection points. The electrical socket must be equipped with 20 A circuit-breakers and a grounding contact and must provide power of 3500 W.
There is a niche for line connections in the bottom left corner of the rear panel of BeeRender. Every socket is marked (see figure).
Fig. 3.1
Wort Outlet
It is intended to connect silicone hose D=12 mm to the fermentation tank.
Water Supply
It is intended for flexible connector of cold water lines. Maximum inlet pressure = 0.1 – 0.8 (mPa)
Sewage System
It is intended to connect a sewage line. When connecting a flexible hose it should be taken into account that this line has a built-in water seal for smell blocking. The hose connected must be as short as possible and its surface must not be rough.
Power 220 V
Power Circuit Cable
After connecting the lines it is necessary to connect BeerRender power cable to the prepared 220 V socket. After switching the circuit-breaker the download of the BeerRender software will start. The inscription "Android" will appear on the built-in screen.
After downloading the software the main menu will be displayed (see figure 3.2) and BeerRender will be ready for operation.
Fig. 3.2
The following modes of BeerRender can be
set in the main menu:
Brew Beer
when choosing this section a menu of beer recipes is downloaded (see Section 4)
this section provides self-cleaning of cabling lines and containers of BeerRender with complementary cleaning agents; the cleaning agent used must be supplied gradually (for more details see Section 6 "Washing")
this section is about main parameter settings of the brewing process, identification of sensors, software update and control of recipe download from our website (for more details see Section 7 "Configuration")
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