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BeerRender Home Brewery (hereinafter BeerRender) is intended for in-home fully automatic craft brewing. The BeerRender software includes a large amount of configurable options of the brewing process that can satisfy the most experienced brewer.
On our website you have an opportunity to leave your wishes concerning missing options of BeerRender, and our programmers will take into account all of them when issuing the nearest release that will be available for free download from our website.
As for the BeerRender design, it includes: a cooking tank, three containers for soaking and for rinsing of hop and additional spices, a mashing tank. The brewing process is controlled by the tablet computer on the Android platform that is built into the front panel of BeerRender. The BeerRender software monitors the brewing process through the specialized ATxMega controller in accordance with the algorithm developed by our specialists.
BeerRender contains an induction electric heater having a maximum power capacity of 3,4 kW, fast ball valves made of stainless steel for cabling line distribution, a counter flow heat exchanger for fast chilling of wort, solenoid valves, high-capacity pumps for pumping and filtering of wort, liquid meters and digital temperature sensors.
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