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Automatic home brewery

Beer Render

Craft brewing has never been more accessible!
In-home brewing of all-grain beer has been a rather labor-intensive process until now.
Exactly this fact inspired us to automate the process of in-home brewing.
Automatic Brewer
BeerRender automates the entire process of brewing.

If you are a beginner in the process of brewing of the "hopped" drink, choose a recipe from the database or download it from the Internet. As soon as BeerRender is delivered, you only have to connect it, put all necessary ingredients into it and choose a recipe.

The device will do the rest!

If you are an experienced brewer, you know how much time and effort you need spend on configuring everything at your desire. Having BeerRender you will easily adjust all brewing parameters and use your ingredients for an ideal and fully controlled batch of beer.
Any Sort of Beer
BeerRender allows to carry out the most difficult brewing processes, so you can use many different recipes. That means that you can make practically any sort of beer that is known to mankind.
Fully Automated
The core of BeerRender is a specialized controller based on modern ATxMega micro controller and providing:
  • actuation mechanism control;
  • induction heater control;
  • record of information from temperature sensors and a liquid flow sensor.
Smart Companion
Choose a beer recipe from the menu or set up all parameters of the recipe yourself to get individual results.

BeerRender is a single machine that covers all stages of the brewing: it monitors volumes, temperature, pauses, dosage of hop, cooling, etc.

You can control the process online through the brewery's display and get a process end signal.
Automatic Water Supply and Self-Cleaning
BeerRender can be connected to a water supply system and take as much water as necessary. Don't you like tap water? It is not a problem. You can use spring water as an option.

BeerRender cleans itself after finishing the brewing process. Enjoy your beer without hassle.
Excellent workmanship!
Precise laser metal cutting. TIG seam welding with subsequent grinding.
AISI 304 food stainless steel is used for all tanks. The brewery is available in two versions of the housing: stainless steel and brushed copper covered with two-component polyurethane varnish.
Manual Assembly
All devices are assembled manually and pass the three-step quality control at the plant.
Full Process Automation
At the same time, the control board developed and produced by us interacts with: 6 thermal detectors, 2 pumps, 4 flow meters, 10 ball valves, a solenoid valve, an induction heater and a touch control terminal!
The chiller built into the brewery can chill 25 liters of wort from 98 °C (100 °C) to 25 °C within 7 minutes.
Induction Heating
The built-in induction furnace developed by our company can heat 32 liters of liquid within 30 minutes!
Up to 4

Beer brewing per day

Liters of prepared wort
for one brew

Participation of a person in the process of brewing beer
Up to 100

Liters of prepared wort for 24 hours
Main technological stages
Stage 1
Stage 1
Choice of Operating Mode
  • Brew Beer
  • Self-Cleaning Cycle (Automatic self-cleaning of lines and containers of the brewery after)
  • Machine Settings (This section can be changed by the manufacturing plant at the stage of the configuration)
The mode <Brew Beer> gives an opportunity to choose a previously downloaded recipe or create a new one.
When creating a new recipe you may set the following parameters for the brewing cycle:
  • Total volume of wort, water volume for malt doughing, mass of malt, mass of hop, time of cooking tank filling from the moment of boiling.
  • Thermal pauses for doughing: from 1 to 4 in dependence of the recipe and the length of the brewing process.
After choosing the recipe the automatic brewing process starts:
The cooking tank, the volume of which is specified in the recipe, is filled with water in accordance with the correction factors of bringing away and absorbency of malt;
All set-point thermal pauses are kept;
Hop is added (no more than three times) and is boiled
After cooking wort is automatically chilled to the temperature of 25 °C
within 3-4 minutes
After chilling the dialog box asking for confirming the start of filling of the fermentation tank with wort will be displayed.
As a result, you can get about 25 liters of ready-made wort
Stage 2
Stage 2
Fermentation and Carbonization Processes
The fermentation process lasts from 4 to 14 days in dependence of the recipe chosen.
Stage 3
Stage 3
Beer Tasting ;)
You can make practically any sort of beer that is known to mankind.
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